Ida's Story

It’s not just crop insurance; It’s unique coverage for your farm’s unique needs.

Although Ida and her family didn’t need to cover the risk of all their fixed costs, the Band Coverage option they chose added new protection to their existing insurance products and resulted in a $1,400,000 claim.

Alberta, Canada | 2019



Difficult Harvest



Ida’s family farm is run as a joint venture between three generations.

Their existing risk management strategy left them feeling like they had coverage gaps in the areas they worried about most. They wanted something that would offer them price protection, while stacking with their current insurance products.

Ida’s Advisor explained how Global Ag Risk Solutions’ unique products had options designed to meet unique needs like hers. Working together, they reviewed the historical performance of Ida’s farms, and built a coverage solution based on her results.

In Ida’s case, Band Coverage made the most sense – it allowed her and her partners to stack this coverage on top of their existing insurance and it allowed them to raise their claim threshold, specifically covering only the band of gross margin they chose.

This is a highly customizable plan and Ida’s Advisor was able to tweak the coverage to fit snugly into Ida’s existing insurance strategy.  Ida took 80% crop insurance from the government, which does a good job of covering her yields on a crop-by-crop basis.  She then stacked a $100 band of coverage on top from Global Ag Risk Solutions.  This protection triggered at $250 per acre of gross margin.  It works exactly the same as other Production Cost Insurance options, but the payout is limited to $100 per acre.

Ida's Coverage

Gross margin coverage:


(Band Limit)

Total acres


Total coverage:


It was the right call.

Frost in August?

That was just the icing on the cake of a tough 2019 growing season and Ida’s numbers were down – way down.

Due to the gap between the farm’s expected gross margin, its actual performance, and based on the specific band of revenue Ida had chosen to cover, the result was a full $100/acre claim and a payout of $1,400,000. And because she had worked with her advisor to understand the options available, when her coverage hit the limit from Global Ag Risk Solutions, her crop Insurance was starting to pay out.

Although it does not offer the same level of protection and strategic growth options as the Full Coverage Option, Ida’s customized Band coverage protection from Global Ag Risk Solutions paid off, allowing the family to continue to push towards their long-term goals and to keep farming hard.

Ida chose this $100 Band of Coverage which began triggering a claim when the gross margin fell below $250 per acre.

Ida's Claim:

Actual revenue:


Actual inputs:


Actual gross margin:




Gross margin coverage:


Actual gross margin:


Claim per acre:


Coverage limit:


Total acres:


Total claim:


“I would have lost $1.4 million this year year if it weren’t for my Band Coverage.”

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