About Us

We’re building the future of risk management for farmers.

Our goal is to empower farmers to push for their best crop and lock-in the best marketing opportunities.

We believe the key is whole-farm risk management focused on our farmers’ long-term strategy.

Our team of agricultural and financial professionals kept seeing the same pattern: great farmers building strong businesses hit hard by bad season beyond their control. Sure, their government crop insurance and other products and programs would keep their heads above water, but the impact of that bad year would have a big impact on their long-term plan. Year after year, the cost and risk of growing a good crop increased, and traditional risk management solutions just weren’t keeping pace.

Production Cost Insurance: A revolution is agricultural risk management

Beginning in 2009, our team began to lay the groundwork for a new breed of farm insurance. Working with our partners, we build an unprecedented database of farm results. Our analysis looked beyond simple yields and commodity prices – we were looking for the drivers that truly defined the success of an operation over the long-term. Production Cost Insurance is the result of these insights – a revolutionary approach to ensuring a farmer’s direct input costs (even if they grow during the season) and protecting the top-line (their gross-margin). The result is the ability to completely fix the risk a farmer faces before the season is even underway, giving farmers a new level of confidence to chase better yields and pre-sell an even greater portion of their crop when prices are high.

We’ve kept improving. We’ve kept researching. We’ve built new products to give farmers even more choice.

We’re just getting started.

Global Ag Risk Solutions is the Managing General Agent (MAG) for Aviva Canada Inc. Aviva Canada is one of the leading property and casualty insurance groups in the country, providing home, automobile, leisure/lifestyle and business insurance to 2.4 million customers.