Clay's Story

It’s not just crop insurance;
It’s a growth tool.

Global Ag Risk Solutions’ Shared Risk Coverage was the perfect match for Clay’s farm – and resulted in a $1,365,000 claim.

Alberta, Canada | 2019






With a large operation and an aggressive strategy, Clay had outgrown traditional crop insurance products.

With his old approach, he would have to take a major loss before he could even trigger a claim – threatening to take him off his long-term plan.

With his large farm, it was usually easy for Clay to grow his crop insurance guarantee.  He liked having the protection of insurance in case he hit a really bad year, but conventional solutions didn’t help him cover the risks he was most worried about on his farm.  They were simply a bad fit for his growth ambitions.

Production Cost Insurance offered a wider scope of coverage that appealed to Clay.  He sat down with a Global Ag Risk advisor who took the time to learn how Clay’s farm operated, and how he ran his business.  Together, they determined that the Shared Risk Coverage option would give Clay the scope of coverage he was missing with his old solutions, while allowing him to leverage the strong financial position he’d built up to lower his total premium.

Clay’s 75% Shared Risk Option policy meant he’d have all the benefits of Production Cost Insurance, but he’d take on 25% of the risk in a claim situation.  He knew his numbers and liked how this approach fit his financial plan.  Clay’s farm averaged $180/acre in gross margin, and he ultimately decided to insure $150/acre under his policy.

Clay's Coverage

Gross margin covered


Clay's average inputs:


Total coverage/acre:


Total acres:

x 13,000

Total coverage:


Covers the cost of your three major inputs:




Plus a gross margin you choose on top of those costs. If your input costs go up, so does your coverage, but never your premiums.




If your farm is in a claim

You’ll be paid out 50% or 75%
depending on how you’ve decided to share your risk with us.

The 2019 season wasn’t kind to Clay’s farm.

The spring was dry and during the growing season rain came in fits and starts.  Clay fought the weather trying to get his inputs on, and even saw some of his application wash away entirely.  A wet and muddy harvest (with a bit of hail and insect pressure thrown in for good measure) all added up to a flat tire of a season.

Thanks to Clay’s decision to change up his insurance strategy with his Shared Risk Coverage policy, he found himself in a sizable claim.

The difficult growing conditions and poor harvest weather saw Clay’s actual gross margin drop to just $10/acre – a big chunk of change spread across 13,000 acres.

Global Ag Risk Solutions had Clay protected: adjusted for his 75% Shared Risk, he received a payout of $105/acre – a total of $1,365,000.  With his old approach to insurance, he might not have even triggered a claim.

This claim helped to keep Clay’s growth plans on track, allowed him to plan for the next season without being hamstrung and  let him do what he does best – farm hard, now and for the future.

Clay's Claim

Actual revenue:


Clay's actual inputs:


Actual gross margin


Gross margin coverage


Actual gross margin:


Claim per acre:


Total acres:


Total loss:


Total claim ($1,820,000 x 75%):



“My previous insurance wasn’t helping grow my business. It’s my third year with Global Ag Risk now and it’s really the right coverage for me.”

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