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We'll Insure Your Revenue Not Your Crop

The insurance available today for most farmers just isn’t enough. So, we’ve developed a solution: a private, revenue-based, risk management solution backed by a major Canadian insurer and it does what no other insurance can do.

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Who's Eligible?

You Are!

Virtually every farmer out there is eligible for coverage with Global Ag Risk Solutions. We’ve created a product for farmers everywhere, at all levels. It’s a solution, created with you in mind.

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The Product

Production Cost Insurance

Simply put, it’s a multi peril product that insures your three major inputs – fertilizer, seed and chemicals, plus a specific amount of gross margin per acre.

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Because We Get It

We are a group of financial professionals who’ve come together because of one common belief - the insurance available to farmers today isn’t working. They deserve more. Farmers like you need insurance that works for you.

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