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We offer multi-peril Production Cost Insurance – tailored to your farm – that covers your three major inputs (seed, fertilizer and chemicals), plus a gross margin you choose above those costs.
If your input costs go up, so does your coverage, but not your premiums. You can do whatever your farm needs, whenever it needs it, and we've got your back.

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Every farm is different.
We've got options.

Full Coverage

Covers your inputs and gross margin you choose above those costs - our most comprehensive option

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Fixed Cost Margin

Covers just your gross margins above any input costs

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Band Coverage

Only covers the risk you're really worried about

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Shared Risk

Choose a set percentage of coverage from us, you cover the rest

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Insures around AgriStability coverage for less

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Coverage that protects against specific adverse weather events during key crop stages

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Discover parametrics.ag

Protect yourself from shallow losses caused by excess heat blast on canola during its vulnerable flowering stage.

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Reach out to an advisor and we'll work with you to develop a specialty package unique to your operation.

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Our policies aren't one-size-fits-all,
they're tailored to your farm.

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Don't let dry years
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When things are dry, and only looking drier for the year ahead, what can you do?

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