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What Would a Farmer Do?

Wet Spring

It was dry at seeding, but it hasn’t stopped raining since.

Now what?

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Throw in the towel and make a claim.

With traditional crop insurance, when things start going wrong, investing more in a questionable outcome is just too risky.

Better leave the sprayer parked and definitely don’t get any top-dress fertilizer. Why spend another penny on this crop?

Adding more inputs at this point is too big a risk.

Get the fungicide in the sprayer and be ready when the rain stops. Maybe spend this particular rainy day shopping for desiccants.

With Global Ag Risk Solutions, you can farm for the best. Your coverage increases as you invest more but your premiums stay the same. You can farm through adversity without added risk.

Great Farmers Deserve Great Insurance

Watch Blake explain how Global Ag Risk Solutions fits in with his farm.

“If you’re a producer that puts everything you can into your crop, 110%, this is for you.”

- Blake Brownridge, Southeast SK

Maybe Crop Insurance Should Work a Little Harder

Global Ag Risk’s Production Cost Insurance is different from crop insurance. Your coverage goes up as you invest more in your crop, but your premiums stay the same. That means you can farm for the best, we’ve got your back.


What does your crop insurance actually cover?

Crop Insurance VS Global Ag Risk Solutions
Yield Loss
Individual Crop Coverage
Added Coverage for Added Inputs
Marketing (non-delivery penalties)
Commodity Price Change
Losses in the Bin
Subsidized Premiums
Eligible as cash advance collateral
by Location
Premium Calculation Based on
Your Success