A real client story about shared risk coverage

Clay's Story

“My previous insurance wasn’t helping grow my business. It’s my third year with Global Ag Risk now and it’s really the right coverage for me.”

A Summary of Clay's Year


Central Alberta







Shared Risk

AcresAcres Insured:


Total Gross Margin Coverage:


Actual Gross Margin:


ClaimClaim Paid Out:

$1,365,000 ($105/acre 75% SRO)

A few years ago, when Clay first looked into Global Ag Risk Solutions, he was looking for more coverage than traditional crop insurance could offer him. Because of the size of his farm, it was easy to grow his crop insurance guarantee, so a loss needed to be very large before he would be in a claim. Plus, he had specific commodities he wanted more coverage on than crop insurance could give him. Clay is aggressive in the way he farms and works with an agronomist and grain marketer to make sure his business is as profitable as possible.

The right insurance was a missing piece.

Clay sat down with a Global Ag Risk advisor. They gave him a detailed analysis of his farm, a few scenarios of how Global Ag Risk could work with his existing crop insurance, and how Shared Risk Option could really benefit him pricewise while still covering what he wanted. He loved how knowledgeable his advisor was and how they really seemed to get his business and how his particular farm operated.

Clay's Averages

Average Revenue


Average Inputs

- $120

Average Gross Margin


Clay is a numbers man and the details really helped him make the choice to go with a 75% Shared Risk Option policy. He knew it would work for him and the numbers on his farm.

Clay's Coverage

Gross Margin Coverage


Average Inputs

+ $120

Total Coverage/acre


Total Coverage/acre


Total Acres

x 13,000

Total Coverage


A bad year started off with a dry spring where things just wouldn’t get growing. Then rain at all the wrong times made it difficult to get his inputs on, and even washed some away. The season ended with a wet and muddy harvest that degraded what he could get off the field. On top of that, insects and hail took a chunk out of his yield and the markets were down. It was far from Clay’s best year and he ended up in a claim.

Clay's Claim

Actual Revenue/acre


Actual Inputs

- $140

Actual Gross Margin


Total Gross Margin Coverage


Actual Gross Margin

- $10




$105 (75% SRO)

Total Acres

x 13,000

Total Payout


Clay was happy with his choice in policy that covered exactly what it needed where he felt most at risk. He’s even increasing his Global Ag Risk coverage for next year because he’s coming off yet another dry year.

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