Managing risk with
revenue insurance

Production cost insurance at a glance

It can be tough managing risk in today’s farming industry. One of the biggest problems is that the insurance available just isn’t enough. So, Global Ag Risk Solutions developed a solution. It’s private, revenue-based, risk management insurance that helps farmers unlock their agronomic and marketing potential to maximize the profitability of their farm. Revenue insurance will help you farm the way you want to and feel comfortable enough to sleep better at night by transferring the risk off your farm.

Here's how it works

We ensure your three major inputs:

Plus a portion of your Gross Margin:

See how it works on a 3,000 acre farm

This farm purchases $350 per acre of revenue insurance coverage, plus they get 100% coverage on the $250 per acre they usually spend on crop inputs.

Acres: 3,000
Per Acre: x $600
Full Revenue Protection: $1.8M

Let's say...

They used an additional $50 per acre on inputs this year because they put down additional fungicide and fertilizer.

Per Acre Coverage: $600
New Per Acre Coverage: $650
New Full Revenue Protection: $1.95M

What if...

If the farm’s actual crop revenue is only $1.45 Million due to any combination of drought, flood, hail, wind, frost, lightning, excessive rain, snow, hurricane, tornado, accidental fire, insects, plant disease, heating of the crop in storage, or the price you received for grain…

Insured Revenue: $1.95M
Actual Revenue: $1.45M
Insurance Payout: $500,000

Revenue Insurance vs.
Traditional Crop Insurance

Here’s a simple breakdown of what traditional crop insurance has versus what we offer. Imagine what having insurance that works this hard could do for your farm.

Crop Insurance VS Global Ag Risk Solutions

Yield Loss

Individual Crop Coverage

Increased Input Costs

Marketing (non-delivery penalties)

Commodity Price Change

Losses in the Bin

Arbitrary, by location Premium Calculation Based on your success


Are you ready to see what revenue insurance can do for your farm?

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