Production Cost Insurance from Global Ag Risk Solutions is more than just a guaranteed gross margin on your production. Take a look at the list below to find out how it differs from old-fashioned crop insurance.



Three major inputs

Unlike traditional crop insurance, Production Cost Insurance (PCI) covers all three of your major inputs. PCI covers your fertilizer, seed and chemicals, as well as an additional coverage per acre, selected by the farm.


More inputs, more coverage

You’re covered for everything you put in the ground and adding inputs has no effect on your premium. Let’s say a second pass of fungicide or top-dress fertilizer can boost your yield—as your input costs go up, your coverage does too, with no change to your premium.



The usual insurance products won’t help you in a catastrophic event like a frost, drought, or a drop in commodity prices. PCI is a multi-peril product that gives you a predictable, minimum revenue stream. It’s peace of mind for almost all perils, as it covers your guaranteed margin.


Fast payments

Some government insurance products are notorious for slow payouts. We understand cash flow is important, that’s why our payment process is different. Global Ag Risk Solutions guarantees that a claimant, who submits the correct documentation, will receive up to 60% of their payment very quickly, before the claim is finalized. The remaining balance is paid out once everything is finalized.


Banking confidence

PCI covers your farm’s revenue, rather than just yield or a single peril, so lenders have more protection for security on loans. Global Ag Risk Solutions’ PCI policy covers all major perils and claims pay out when your farm needs it. In the event of a claim, the lender can be assured of the level of income the farm will receive.



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