Global Ag Risk Solutions and CGB-Diversified Services have partnered to offer farmers in the US Production Cost Insurance for the 2017 crop year.  

Developed and serviced by Global Ag Risk Solutions (GARS), Production Cost Insurance (PCI) provides a unique revenue insurance for the three major inputs—fertilizer, seed, and chemicals— and a specific amount of revenue per acre.

“Production Cost Insurance provides individual farm coverage, to cover the risk of variable inputs and fixed costs. It’s the world’s first product to individually underwrite every farm based on its own management,” says Grant Kosior, President and CEO of Global Ag Risk Solutions. “This is a great partnership which continues the growth started in 2016 by Global Ag Risk Solutions with the CGB purchase of Heartland Crop Insurance (HCI). CGB’s expanded offerings, and the combined footprint of CGB and HCI will give almost every farmer in the US access to PCI.”

In announcing the agreement made to deliver PCI to American farmers, CGB-Diversified Services President, Ron Miller, said, “The skill and expertise of our agents combined with the PCI product is mutually beneficial for both our farming customers and agents. It is our utmost desire to help our customers make the best risk management decisions they can by working with someone they trust. By offering this product, our customers have an alternate solution to consider when they encounter obstacles in their operations.”

“The PCI product allows us to show our customers a new and viable option in their risk management plan,” explained Jeff Baumgart, National Marketing Manager (for whom) “We continue to strive to find ways to help our customers protect their revenue and preserve their equity.”

Global Ag Risk Solutions, based out of Western Canada, developed the world’s first margin protection product. Since 2011 Production Cost Insurance has allowed Western Canadian farmers to maximize their inputs by adding more coverage with every additional dollar spent on fertilizer, seed, or chemical, without increasing premiums. Additional product information can be found at the company web site:


About Global Ag Risk Solutions

Global Ag Risk Solutions launched the world's first margin protection product in 2011. It offers what no other insurance can by allowing farmers to maximize inputs and add more coverage with every additional spend on fertilizer, seed or chemical - without increasing premiums. Global Ag Risk Solutions is entering its seventh year of insuring Canadian growers, and now in the second year in the US, expanding its presence with CGB-Diverified Services.

About CGB-Diversified Services

CGB - Diversified Services is headquartered in Jacksonville, Illinois. The company is part of the Federal Crop Insurance system and services policies in 48 states. They offer a wide range of services which includes crop insurance, risk management, and grain marketing expertise. CGB-DS is an equal opportunity provider.