Second Guessing
Yourself This Harvest?

Next year be ready for anything

It was hard out there this year. We saw our farmers face everything from never-ending droughts to conditions so wet it looked like they’d never get a crop in the ground. On top of it all, commodity prices were as volatile as ever and input costs continued to rise. This harvest a lot of people are second guessing their decisions, but our farmers aren’t. When they climb into the combine this year, they know they made the best decisions they could, and they know they’re going to have a good year because they have Global Ag Risk Solutions on their team.

So, if you gave it your all this year and still find yourself second guessing, it’s time to change how you think about your risk:

I should have sold more canola at $25

Our farmers have more confidence forward marketing, knowing their bottom line is secured by their policy.

I got the crop in so late this year, but for awhile I didn’t think I’d get it in at all.

Whether your faced with epic droughts or biblical floods, our products insure our farmers’ performance – not some insignificant per acre stipend.

I’m getting tired of my yield being hurt by all these factors I can’t control.

Our products insure your inputs and  your margin.  Our farmers keep making the right decisions for their crop right up until harvest, knowing they’ll stay whole even if things don’t quite work out as planned.


Our unique Production Cost Insurance (PCI) covers your major inputs – seed, fertilizer, and chemical – and your gross margin. It’s a truly unique approach to managing your farm’s risk that covers virtually any peril you might face.

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Maybe it feels early to be thinking about next year's crop

The truth is, understanding something as unique and complex as your  farm to build the right risk management solution takes time.

We cover the risk of your three major inputs (seed, fertilizer and chemical), plus a gross margin you choose.  Effectively, you are insured for the real costs you incur growing your crop, plus a margin that reflects the revenue you expect to generate if things go according to plan.  Your premium is based on your farm’s historical performance, and the unique risk profile of your farming practices and geography.  Best of all, if your input costs go up, your coverage increases but your premium never does.

Take control of an uncertain future by making one farming decision you won’t ever second guess.

Our licensed insurance advisors across the prairies are standing by to help you secure next year’s crop and your farm’s future.

Full Coverage

Covers your inputs and gross margin you choose above those costs - our most comprehensive option

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Fixed Cost Margin

Covers just your gross margins above any input costs

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Band Coverage

Only covers the risk you're really worried about

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Shared Risk

Choose a set percentage of coverage from us, you cover the rest

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Insures around AgriStability coverage for less

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