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What Would a Farmer Do?

Farm for Success

June 1st. Conditions have been ideal. You noticed a little yellow on the leaves and soil test #1 shows nitrogen is depleted.

What do you do?

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Not a thing. Crop’s coming along, what’s the point of risking more investment?

Not a thing. Crop’s coming along, what’s the point of risking more investment?

I have time to start filling out the hail claim paperwork. Just in case.

With traditional crop insurance, sometimes you’re forced to sit on your hands and hope for the best.

There’s time for another pass of nitrogen. Let’s turn this crop into a bumper crop.

When you work with Global Ag Risk Solutions, your coverage goes up when you invest more in a crop. There’s no added risk when you try for the best possible outcome—farm for success!

Great Farmers Deserve Great Insurance

Watch Dallas and Natasha explain how Global Ag Risk Solutions allows them to farm for the best.

"We'll take it to yield and see what happens."

- Dallas Vert, Kirreinuir, AB

Maybe Crop Insurance Should Work a Little Harder

Farming is tough. So many things can go wrong, so when they go right, you need to make the most of it. Our Production Cost Insurance covers additional inputs you apply to your crop. That means there’s no added risk to farm the best crop you possibly can.


What does your crop insurance actually cover?

Crop Insurance VS Global Ag Risk Solutions
Yield Loss
Individual Crop Coverage
Added Coverage for Added Inputs
Marketing (non-delivery penalties)
Commodity Price Change
Losses in the Bin
Subsidized Premiums
Eligible as cash advance collateral
by Location
Premium Calculation Based on
Your Success