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How does Global Ag Risk Solutions treat Manufacturer's Rebates?

All rebates from suppliers will be treated as gross revenue, for the purpose of calculating gross margins.  This includes payment for replacement of non-performing chemical and any associated goodwill payments.

What if I do not have a 5-year history?

On a case by case basis, we will consider those who have 3-4 years of accrual financials. Special consideration is required by our reinsurers, and they will either accept or deny your application.

Do I have to have accrual financials?

No.  However, accrual accounting defines profit or loss for your business each year.  It is the best way to evaluate farm management. We make a risk-judgement and properly build a quote according to your farm numbers.  With special acceptance from the reinsurers, we can work with cash accounting, and will request as much information as possible to support the underwriting (ie. AgriStability, Crop Insurance information, etc.).

If I am on a cash-accounting method of reporting, could I use my AgriStability information to get a quote?

AgriStability can be a starting point for the data needed to evaluate the farm's financials. Global Ag Risk Solutions must be in compliance with its reinsurers, regarding financial evaluation, and therefore an in-depth look at the financials is required. Global Ag Risk Solutions will work to develop quotes, based on cash accounting and AgriStability, but sometimes it is not possible.

How PCI Works

Who is the insurance company? Who backs the insurer?

Global Ag Risk Solutions is the Managing General Agent (MGA) for Northbridge General Insurance Corporation, a 100% Canadian-owned commercial property and casualty insurance management company. Northbridge is also supported by several reinsurers from around the world. Many of these also reinsure Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba crop insurance.

How does the coverage work?

Global Ag Risk Solutions can offer several different variations of our coverage.  Our most common product covers a) 100% of the actual cost of seed, fertilizer and chemical; this is called Input Cost Coverage (ICC).  We then offer a portion of your historical gross margin, on top of ICC.  This is called Fixed Cost Margin Coverage (FCMC).  The farmer selects the level of coverage appropriate for their operation. 

Our coverage can be created to fit different scenarios, using various options and deductibles to fit the farm, or combined with other risk management solutions.

How is my insurance affected, if I have maximized my input coverage and still need to apply more?

You are still covered for 100% of the cost of the inputs you apply.  Insurance coverage increases as inputs increase.  Example: If you have $150/acre of input coverage (ICC Limit) and your extra pass of fungicide equals another $20/acre, you are now insured for $170/acre on your inputs, WITH NO INCREASE IN PREMIUM.

Can I insure individual crops?

Global Ag Risk Solutions provides full-farm gross margin based crop insurance.  (not crop by crop like provincial Crop Insurance)

Does Crop Insurance, Hail Insurance or AgriStability claim payments affect a Global Ag Risk Solutions indemnity?

No...our insurance stands alone.  We do not recognize the premium expense, or the revenue, of a payout from other insurance claims.  Your payout from Global Ag Risk Solutions is not reduced by other insurance awards.

Should I still buy Crop Insurance? Hail Insurance? AgriStability?

Global Ag Risk Solutions promotes provincial crop insurance, and provincial and private hail insurance.  We will advise on how to use the products effectively, and find the best combination of insurance, and risk mitigation, for your farm.  Please call our office and speak with a representative for an explanation.

Are fall chemical applications, or seed and fertilizer for winter wheat, covered for the next crop year?

Yes.  Accrual accounting will calculate any expense for growing your following year's crop, allocating it to the appropriate year.

Does Global Ag Risk Solutions pay for unseeded wet acres? Do I need to prove establishment, in order for those acres to be insured?

We do not "directly" pay for unseeded wet acres.  If the "acres-unseeded" negatively affects your insured level of your net crop production, you will be in a claim.  Global Ag Risk Solutions will cover actual inputs (seeds, chemical and fertilizer), plus the selected Fixed Cost Margin Coverage on the entire insured acres.

You do not need to prove establishment, in order to have the acres insured.

What if no acres are seeded?

Global Ag Risk Solutions will cover actual inputs of seed, fertilizer and chemical.  This is called Input Cost Coverage (ICC), plus the chosen margin above those inputs, called Fixed Cost Margin Coveraged (FCMC).  If no acres were seeded, there would be no inputs.  But, the producer would collect their selected FCMC coverage, for the entire amount of acres on their policy.

How does Global Ag Risk Solutions protect forward pricing?

Forward pricing can affect gross margin.  If the producer has a situation, where he must buy back a portion of the contract, or takes a marketing loss on a hedge position, this will affect his gross margin.  Global Ag Risk Solutions will protect this potential situation, as hedging/marketing gains and losses are part of the gross margin calculation.  Global Ag Risk Solutions does distinguish between hedging and speculation.  Contracts and positions, on crops the farm doesn't grow, are not covered; for example using soybeans to hedge canola.  As well, contracting more grain than can be realistically grown on the farm, is considered speculation.

Does Global Ag Risk Solutions insure farms that have crop share agreements? How does this work?

There are a variety of crop-share arrangements between farmer and landlord, therefore, agreements will be individually analyzed.  Global Ag Risk Solutions insures most crop-share agreements.  We insure 100% of the acres, and cover 100% of the inputs, and take into account 100% of the revenue, regardless of who sells the grain, or purchases the inputs.


What does it cost?

Quotes are reflective of each individual farm. We build a coverage and price, based on your farm’s gross margin. Premiums are developed from analysis of your financial history.  In general, we are competitive with both provincial crop insurance and hail insurance.

How do I get a quote?

There is no fee attached to quoting. We will direct you to the Global Ag Risk Solutions Advisor in your area.  You will be asked to complete and sign the "Authorization to Release Financial Information" form. When faxed or emailed back to our office, this document will give Global Ag Risk Solutions permission to contact your accountant to request the financial information required for quoting. You can also supply your own copy of financial statements. We require your last five years of Financials. Cash financials will need to be converted to accrual and requires further follow up...still at no cost to you.  You do not need to wait for the current year's financials, as we utilize a one-year lag.

What if I do not have a five-year history?

On a case-by-case basis, we will consider those who have 3-4 years of financial history. Special consideration is required by our reinsurers, and they will either accept or deny your application.

How is the coverage level calculated?

Global Ag Risk Solutions covers your ACTUAL costs of fertilizer, seed and chemical for the Input Cost Coverage (ICC).  If you qualify, based on the analysis of your financial records, you will be offered coverage levels in $25 increments up to a maximum qualifying level. 

When is the premium due? Are there payment options?

Premium is due at the time of the binding agreement. We accept cheques or bank-to-bank transfers.  Financing options are available.


What types of financing are available?
  • FCC Crop Input Financing (through Global Ag Risk Solutions)
  • Global Ag Risk Solutions Financing
How long does an application take?

FCC Crop Input Financing is dependent on FCC's Customer Service Centre, as they complete the approval process.

Global Ag Risk Solutions approval is completed through the Global Ag Risk Solutions Financing Department, and takes approximately 3-5 business days, once all financial information is obtained.

Who do I contact in regards to financing options?

Please contact the Global Ag Risk Solutions Financing Department, at the Global Ag Risk Solutions office in Moose Jaw, at 306-704-GARS (4277) or 877-606-GARS (4277).


Does Crop Insurance, Hail Insurance or AgriStability claim payments affect a Global Ag Risk Solutions award?

Our insurance stands alone. We do not recognize the premium expense, or the revenue of a payout from other insurance claims. Your payout from Global Ag Risk Solutions is not reduced by other insurance awards.

How does the claims process work? Who pays for this process?

Global Ag Risk Solutions is a full farm margin insurance and therefore in most cases does not require a farm visit to measure bins after harvest. If you have a claim, we will request a backup copy of your electronic bookkeeping software completed up to a date between end of harvest and your year end, as well as completion of our accrual workbook as at that date.  If there is a claim, up to 60% of the award may be paid after Global Ag Risk Solutions evaluates the necessary records. The remainder of the payout amount is held until March 31 (Inventory cut off date). This will allow time to market your crop. At March 31 the final payment will be calculated based on your accrual financial statements prepared by a third party accountant, and your bookkeeping after year end up to that date. An inventory declaration will be required if you have crop in your bins on March 31st.  We will work directly with the producer to determine the best price and settle the remaining 40% based on that evaluation. 

Claims Pro is the third party adjusting firm.  Global Ag Risk Solutions pays for the adjusting process.

When would I be in claim?

You would be in claim if your net production income is less than your insured net crop production.


Insured net crop production=$2,000,000
Net production income=$1,250,000
Claim award=$750,000
If I have a claim, how will my following year's premium be affected?

Like any type of insurance, in a claim situation, your following year's premium will be adjusted accordingly.  There are many factors that go into each years premium quote, claims history is part of the underwriting.

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