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How it works

The multi-peril Production Cost Insurance we offer is so different from traditional crop insurance, it often sounds too good to be true. But, it’s the real deal. You’ve upgraded a lot of tech on your farm to make more profit, so it’s time for modern insurance that does the same.

Multi-peril Production Cost Insurance covers the cost of your three major inputs (seed, fertilizer and chemical), plus a gross margin you choose on top of those costs. Coverage goes up if your input costs go up, but never your premiums.

Let’s say you’ve got 10,000 acres and choose a margin of $150 per acre, and your input costs were about the same. That’s $300 per acre of protection. A little light math and your bottom-line insured revenue is $3 million no matter what happens with your crop or the markets. Need to spend more on inputs? No problem, your coverage goes up, but not your premiums.

With insurance like this, you can focus on maximizing your profitability instead of worrying about the weather, the markets, or your next combine payment.

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